Roswell Spacecraft

Aliens and other extra-terrestrial beings have long been speculated to be visiting Earth even in earlier times. They are common subjects of fiction stories as well as movies up to the point that they are overly romanticized. Some people even have extreme fondness for these un-Earthly creatures that they collect things about aliens like magazines, movies and at some extent old photos and mementos or supposedly real alien visit to Earth.

One very famous extra-terrestrial incident happened near Roswell, Mexico in the year 1947. It was commonly known as the alien crash at Roswell. Apparently, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashed in the area with its alien occupants. The UFO was referred to as the Roswell Spacecraft. The event was so famous that even people in Roswell have put up the Roswell Museum which is a common attraction for alien fanatics and curious tourists alike. They also celebrate the annual Roswell Alien Festival in which tourists and locals sport alien costumes. It is a fun celebration and a colorful festivity in commemoration of the 1947 incident.

But despite the fact that many people, especially individuals who witnessed the crash believe that the incident was a real alien contact, the US government was able to put everything under wraps claiming it was a military surveillance balloon owned by the US Air Force and not an alien spaceship. Whatever the truth is, many are still boggled by the incident. If this subject has piqued your interest, below are some facts about the Roswell Spacecraft crash and the events that surrounded it.

What Really Happened At Roswell?

There are a lot of speculations surrounding the Roswell incident but there has been no confirmation whether the incident was real or it is what the US government has claimed. So we will let you decide from the following series of events as well as interesting facts about the Roswell Alien Spacecraft Crash.

July 2, 1947 – A witness has heard a loud crash on the night of July 2, 1947 within the vicinity of Corona, Mexico. The witness’ name is Mac Brazel. He is a rancher and apparently the sole witness who has been vocal about the incident. There are other witnesses like William Woody and his father who saw a large, brilliant object crashing down from the sky. Soon after news broke; more and more witnesses have claimed to have seen the crash too.

July 3, 1947 – The day after Brazel heard a loud crash; he came upon the crash site and found weird debris. He then brought some large pieces to his ranch’s shed and showed them to his neighbors. It was already the talk of the town that a reward will be given to anyone who can turn over some debris and other materials found on the site. Brazel’s neighbors advised him to report the incident to the authorities in Roswell. His neighbors also believed that the debris were of alien material. There has been circulating news that the military has been sighting alien activity the past days before the crash happened.

July 6, 1947 – Brazel went to show the pieces of wreckage to the county sheriff Wilcox. Wilcox then called the Roswell Army Air field and was connected to Major Jesse Marcel. Major Jesse Marcel’s son Jesse Marcel Jr. wrote a book containing details that happened during the Roswell incident as told by his late father.

The book was released in 2007. In the succeeding days, military personnel were all over the place, at the sheriff’s office and the crash site to collect evidence of the crash. The large debris Brazel brought to his shed was not included. It was later inspected and contained materials that are not of this world. These materials come in grey/silver, purple and green colors. They also recovered beams that have green lights on the edges.

July 8, 1947 – After collecting the real debris from the Alien Spacecraft crash, it was said that military personnel replaced the real debris with materials from a weather balloon and made it appear that it was indeed a military satellite that crashed and not an alien spacecraft. This was what many conspiracy theorists believed.

July 9, 1947 – Brazel was located by the military and was brought in for questioning. He then released a statement which is nothing like what he claimed he has witnessed that night of July 4. All press releases prior to the military cover up were seized and replaced with their own version of the military balloon crash.

The 1970s – Jesse Marcel, the high ranking official who talked to Brazel a couple of days after the rancher witnessed the crash has deflected and claimed the weather balloon crash was all a military cover-up and that the UFO crash was indeed real. As mentioned earlier, his son came to write a book about the incident which was told by Jesse Marcel.

Another book was also published entitled, A History of UFO Crashes written by researchers Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle. In the book, the researchers claimed that they have inspected a military radar which has been tracking a UFO for several days before the incident. The radar then lost track of the spacecraft on the night of the crash.

Up to this day, there is still no confirmation that the Roswell Spacecraft crash was indeed a UFO crash. The US government claimed that it was all conspiracy theories that need proof to be recognized as real. To a reader, this was all confusing. You have the data. There are still a lot of materials to read on the Roswell incident. It’s up to you to decide whether it was real or not.